The NANO MIDI MERGER V2 is a low latency and intelligent midi merger with midi timing priority. The product has two MIDI IN ports and two MIDI OUT ports. Both midi inputs are opto-isolated. An indicator lamp lights when midi data gets received. The two MIDI outputs are the identical signals of input 1 and 2.

The NANO MIDI MERGER V2 handles all MIDI message types, including System Exclusive, MIDI Timecode and clock.

Channel Voice messages are normally received in the order in which they were received. Midi timing commands have priority. If the NANO MIDI MERGER V2 receives NoteData at channel 1, the timing message will be sent to the output as soon as possible, interrupting the notecommissions from channel 1, ensuring extreme low latency and minor Drift in midi timing. It is powered by a Micro USB to USB A cable.

Important Information:

The NANO MIDI MERGER V2 is made according to the midi specifications and only compatible to be used with midi standard compliant devices. If you want to use the device with midi devices that are not compliant with the midi standard the result can be a non working product or strange behavior of the product. A special firmware version can be programmed into the NANO MIDI MERGER V2 making it possible to work with (most) non-compliant midi devices but this will downgrade the specifications of the product (e.g. timing and latency). To have this firmware changed, the product needs to be send back to the the Manufacturer MODE MACHINES. For more information about this firmware and pricing please contact us.


  • Intelligent midi merger

  • Low latency

  • MIDI inputs are opto-isolated

  • handles all MIDI message types

  • Powered by a Micro USB to USB A cable

Technical Specifications

  • 9 DC, max 100mA. (2.1mm plug, + on center pole)

  • Average latency: < 0.3ms

  • Dimensions: 7,6 x 7,1 x 3,1 cm (L&B&T)

  • Weight:

Included in the delivery


  • User manual

  • Micro USB to USB A cable included

  • power supply not included