FairComp – 670

The Faircomp is a very complex Fairchild 670 clone with 20 tubes and 8 transformers, completely made by hand in Germany.

The audio path circuit is 100% accurate to the historical model.

Each FairComp 670 is made entirely by hand with the same measurements as the original. The FairComp 670 is an economical alternative for users who are looking for the legendary Fairchild sound in a modern device “made in Germany”, without the risks of a historical instrument, and at a fraction of the price.

Mode Machines made some improvements in terms of the powersupply as well as some slight changes concerning “Zero”-, “Balance“- & “DC-Treshold” – parameters.

Usually you find those inside of the device but since people found out that you can use those parameteres for creative soundshaping these parameters can found on the outside of the Faircomp.

Also the signal-to- noise ratio was increased to 90 dB, which is extremely good for a valve device.

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  • FairComp 670 100% analogue clone.

Tube list

  • 8 – 6386 LGP JJ
  • 2 – ECC83S JJ / 12AX7
  • 2 – 12BH7 EH
  • 4 – 6973 EH
  • 1 – GZ34
  • 1 – EL34
  • 1 – 6084 (can be replaced with an E80F, not to be confused by the more popular EF80)
  • 1 – 5651


  • Power: ?
  • Dimensions:
  • I/O:



Pdf Manual:

  • FairComp-670 Manual