ADX-1_Analog_Drum_Machine_Modemachines (7)

Mode Machines brought again the ADX 1, a powerful 5 channel Analogue Drum Expander with individual outputs, MIDI control and infinite amount of sound tones thanks to its generous amount of knobs to control its parameters.

The 5 Channels provide different sound palettes.

Metal: Metal is used to create cymbal sounds and consists of two different metallic-sounding Generators. Two filters, Envelope/modulation options, Decay and Release.

HiHat: HiHat consists of one metallic-sounding noise generator and one “clean” signal, Pitch control, mix, modulation, filter, Envelope modulation, Decay and Release.

Snare: The sound of Snare is created by one metallic-sounding noise generator through two band pass filters connected in parallel, Decay and Release.

Synth: Is used to create sounds like bells or synthesizers and consists of 3 sinus Oscillators. FM and Bend for a wide palette of sounds, Attack and Release.

Bass: Consists of one sinus oscillator, with pitch control. Additional Overtones can be created by frequency modulation. Attack simulates the “Pluck” of a bass string, Release to control the length and Distortion available for dirtier sounds.



  • 51 knobs, no menus or button combinations. Every parameter instantly available.
  • 8 controls per channel allowing you to create a wide range of sounds.
  • The individual channels can be auditioned with the Trigger buttons or via MIDI.
  • Each channel has a Panorama control and a Volume control.
  • Individual outputs at the rear of the device for external mixing.
  • When any of these outputs are connected to another mixing device, the signal(s) is not separated from the master output.
  • Two master outputs (left/right),


  • MIDI ports (IN/THRU),
  • ON/OFF switch,
  • Power Jack AC 12 Volt
  • MIDI Channel Switch
  • DIMENSIONS: 200.7 x 279.4 x 76.2 mm


Performance by Inspektor Gadjet with direct audio recording:

Demo at NAMM Show 2015 with some demos and sound samples at the end of the video:


Pdf Manuals: