USB-MIDI to Serial Converter:

Mode Machines is proud to present the CerebelUSB, a tiny USB Host which makes possible to convert USB-MIDI Class Compliant devices in to standard MIDI (5 pin DIN conectors). Ideal for any situation where a Laptop or computer is not desired.

Making use of a wide range of small, portable and affordable USB-MIDI devices is now possible without a PC or Mac.

It´s small size and light weight makes it perfect to fit anywhere, an extremely convenient tool for artist who gig around with just the right setup. CerebelUSB allows you to power other 5V USB Devices using the HUB, like smartphones, tablets, Camera, USB lights, etc.

  • CerebelUSB only works with USB devices which are MIDI Class Compliant. Even if announced as being so, many available products are non Class Compliant. Check the product manual of your device or contact the manufacturer to make sure your device is Class Compliant.

Arduino Brain:

CerebelUSB is based around Arduino for a very simple reason, allowing experienced users to upload their own firmware, upgrade the CPU easily or make use of the remaining pins for a huge amount of modifications and add-ons. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the user.

It uses a Max32 Chip for the host functionality, sharing a compatible Pinout with most Arduino USB Host Shields on the market. This makes easy to use new firmwares already available on the internet for non programmers.

With the right firmware, It is possible to connect any USB device such as Joysticks, gamepads, wii-motes, Bluetooth devices, Webcams, DSLR cameras, Android devices and many others.



  • Converts any USB MIDI Class compliant device in to Standard MIDI Out DIN.
  • Perfect for any situation where a computer or Laptop is not desired.
  • Small and portable, perfect for travelling light.
  • Ideal way of bringing cheap controller solutions to the world of DIY, Audio-visual installations, performances and analogue or modular synthesis.
  • Use an USB HUB for a tidy way of powering 5V devices like tablets, phones, cameras, etc.
  • Arduino based and totally hackable.


  • Power Input: MICRO USB – Type B – 5V – 1000mA. (stable) – use only the supplied adaptor.
  • Power Out (USB Host Port): 5VDC – 1000mA.
  • MIDI DIN ports: 1x OUT.
  • Dimensions: 69 x 51 x 29 mm.
  • Weight: 90g.
  • Leads: Micro USB to USB A.
  • Power supply: A 5V power supply appropriate to the destination country is supplied with the unit.



Pdf Manual:

List of supported and tested devices so far:


  • MidiMix
  • MPK Mini Mk2
  • APC 40
  • APC 20


  • MPK Mini
  • Nano keys
  • Nano pad
  • Nano control
  • MS20 Midi controller (Some issues)
  • NEw Korg Arp Odissey


  • Quneo


  • Livid Instruments Code V2 with firmware 100 Series.


  • Launchpad
  • Launchpad S
  • Launchpad Mini
  • Launch control


  • Mini Lab
  • Beatstep
  • Beatstep Pro (Control Mode not working), sequencer does.


M-Audio Key Station

Yamaha Portable Grand

Roland UM-one

Tenage Engineering OP-1

iRig Keys

Behringer CMD DC-1


  • m audio oxygen keyboard
  • openpipe controller