Air-2 W


The Air-2 W (white version) is a professional Dual Wireless UHF Multi Channel Microphone Set.  It convinces through a  Pick Up Cartridge Transducer that has a wide, linear and dynamic frequency response. A Cardioid polar response picks up sound from the user and helps reject feedback during live application. The Handheld microphone body has a tough durable metal construction with minimal handling noise and runs on AA batterys with High and Low Power Radio Frequency transmission modes (Up to 15Hrs, 8 Hrs on high and realistic usage). The receiver communicates with the wireless microphone transmitter that has a flat and wide response for accurate sound reproduction. The product works with PLL ( Phase Locked Loop ) Synthesized technology  for a steady signal and superb clarity, is rack mountable and supports Multi-Channel Wireless Syncing (200 different wireless channels). The fixed UHF Frequency range is 863,1 and 864,5 MHz and the product is FCC Certified.


  • Frequency response range: 50Hz – 18KHz

  • Fixed frequency range of 863,1 & 864,5 MHz

  • Harmonic interference: more than 100dB

  • RF output power: 10mW

  • Microphone impedance: 600 ohm

  • Frequency stability: plus or minus 0.005 percent

  • Harmonic distortion: less than 0.5 percent


  • Receiver Dimensions: 19“ rack format, 1 HE

  • Weight: 1439 g


  • 2 x Microphone

  • 1 x Receiver

  • 1 x Power Adapter

  • 1 x Connect Cable

  • 2 x Holder

  • User manual