The D-ROM of the german manufacturer MODE MACHINES, is a drum module based on samples from the 80’s. 8 internal sounds (bassdrum, closed hi-hat, cowbell, clap, open hi-hat, rimshot, snare, tom) of the 80’s, developed by the Dutch producer Karel Post, CMX Media. An original 2732 Eprom can be installed (not included). This replaces the internal Cowbell sound. The module is only 6HP wide (30mm) and 45mm deep.


  • Basic color of the module is silver in combination with black

  • Only 6HP wide (30mm) and 18mm deep

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 13.3 x 3.0 cm x 1.8 cm (L & B & T)

  • Weight: 50 g

Inclided in the delivery

  • D-ROM

  • 1x 20cm Flat-ribbon cable with 16-pin connector on both sides