Elby Designs

logo_elbyElby Designs was set up in early 2003 in an attempt to support the synthesiser do-it-yourself (SDIY) market by providing access to a range of component kits for a number of popular PCB designs. Although the PCB’s were readily available, gathering all the components to construct the design often required multiple sourcing for components and, in some cases, unrealistic minimum-order-quantities making it impractical for many builders. At the time, the ASM-1 from Gene Stopp was the main focus but business gained a lot more momentum with the addition of the Cat-Girl Synth from Ken Stone and designs from Ian Fritz.

The main intention of Elby Designs is to offer as near to a one-stop-shop for popular PCB designs. We offer a selection of kits including pcb/panel component kits, hardware kits and, where possible, PCB’s and front panels.

Working with Ken Stone, we have introduced the Panther family of Euro-rack modules making many of the Cat-Girl Synth designs available to the 3U-Euro market.This family has now been expanded to include a number of designs by Ian Fritz.

New for 2014 is the introduction of the Euro-Serge family of modules offering euro-system owners access to the range of superb SERGE modules.

And for the curious, the name Elby Designs is simply a play on the initials of my first and last name……

Laurie Biddulph = L B = El Bee = Elby


The logo is a representation of an oscilloscope showing a square-wave modulated high-frequency carrier. This image evolves from my earlier involvement with mains-borne remote control systems, or Ripple Control Systems, as we called them. This involved modulating a carrier of around 110 kHz – 140 kHz with either an on-off signal (AM) or hi-lo signal (FSK) generating a stream of data and imposing it on the the mains power wiring and was used to control mainly lighting, but also air-conditioning and security systems.

Email: elby_designs@ozemail.com.au