Virtones / Charlie Lab


We are a young italian company but with great and long experience in analog/digital audio. Our primary focus is to develop audio-related hardware and software, which offer great facilities to the performer.

As musicians ourselves, we know the efforts and needs of the modern player in terms of quality, reliability and portability of the products we offer.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”


Carlo Alberto Paterlini (05/03/1948)

Inventor and musician, a great expert in electronics and music applications.

Charlie Paterlini designs and develops equipment in the lighting sector for the prestigious brand Coemar.

He is the owner and main creator of the company Charlie Lab which is responsible for the Digitar MIDI controller, followed by other best sellers such as the series Megabeat, Mixtral / MixLite digital mixers, Splitboard keyboard, amplification systems and many other equipment in the audio context.

With the help of his son Emiliano, he created the audio / video workstation Matrix One, leader in its specific sector.

AlbertoFerrAlberto Ferrarini

Professional musician (in collaboration as guitar player, with some of the greatest Italian artists), and technician computing.

It has a long experience in the construction of electronic equipment for music applications with worldwide distribution as digital mixers, audio/video workstations for professional use (Charlie Lab series Megabeat One / Pro / Touch / Splitboard keyboard, MIDI controller Digitar, ESS Matrix One / Mbeat Touch etc.), working on software development and sound generators creation.

In the past, Alberto worked in the musical instruments distribution area of Italy, as company member and demonstrator for prestigious brands such as MOTU, Axon (guitar/bass/violin/cello MIDI converters), Vigier guitars, Carl Martin and Guyatone effects stomp boxes, etc…

EmilianoPaterliniEmiliano Paterlini (05/05/1984)

Keyboard player and software programmer.

He developed the software of the complex unit ESS Matrix One and Megabeat Touch, leader equipments in their specific sector.

In addition to the commitment in the audio context, he also produces software applications for Medical health equipment.

He is responsible for most of the vPed software and application development