KRP-1 / KRP-1 WP

The Mode Machines KRP-1 is a 100% true discrete analogue phaser with photo-couplers which design is based on the legendary Compact Phasing A from Gerd Schulte Audio Electronik.

Synthlab SL-1

The SL1 Synthlab uses a 100% true analog circuitry with subtractive synthesis which is designed in a classic way and sounds very similar to well-known early Moog synthesizers.

x0xb0x MK2

The x0xb0x MK2 is a TB-303 clone and can be controlled by MIDI and also decrees a fully functional sequencer.


The SID is a Groovebox. You can create the chip tune sound of the early 80s. The unit also features MIDI in and out.


The Faircomp is a very complex Fairchild 670 clone with 20 tubes and 8 transformers, completely made by hand in Germany. The audio path circuit is 100% accurate to the historical model.


The F-106 Juno Filter is a a Juno 106 Filter with Cutoff (12/24dB), resonance (12dB self osc mode) and VCA level. The F-106 provides CV control inputs for Cutoff, Res and VCA.


The MW-01 Wasp Filter is a distortion filter device.It uses the same VCF model as from the EDP Wasp Synth, but ads tweaks and modifications to really bring out the noise.


The x0x-Rack is a 19″ Rackmountable TB-303 Clone from Mode Machines and provides wave, tune, auto-tune, cutoff, resonance, envelope modulation, accent, decay and volume adjustable controls on the front panel.

Professor V2

The Professor V2 is a USB controller based on the Prophet-5. Control your software plug IN Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 with all controls easily through the professor V2.



The NANO MIDI THRU is a 1-in 3-out low latency MIDI Thru, with data correction. It provides additional MIDI Thru ports in a classic MIDI setup.


The CEREBEL USB is a USB MIDI Host that converts a signal to standard MIDI DIN. Ideal for any situation where a laptop or computer is not desired or available. 


The NANO MIDI MERGER is a low latency midi merger with midi timing priority. It handles all MIDI message types, including System Exclusive, MIDI Time Code and clock.



The NANO MIDI SYNC is a midi to sync converter. It converts midi clock to sync pulses and has 2 Dinsync outputs that can individualy be set to 24 , 48 or 96 ppqn.

DT200 MK2

The DT 200 MK2 is a programmer specially designed for the dual- DCO, 6 voice poly- phonic synthesizer such as the JX-3P, MKS-30 and GR-700.

It has the same functions as the Roland PG-200.