The ADX-1 is an analogue 5-Channel Drum Expander. The 5 channels offer different sound pallets: metal is used to create cymbal length and consists of two different metallic sounding generators. Two filters, Envelope / Modulation options, Decay and Release. Hi Hat consists of a metallic sounding generator and a "clean" signal, pitch control, mix, modulation, filter, envelope modulation, decay and release. 


The sound of the snare is generated by a metal-sounding noise generator through two parallel-connected bandpass filters, decay and release. Synth is used to create sounds like bells or synthesizers and consists of 3 sine oscillators. FM and Bend for a wide range of sounds, attack and release. Consists of a sine oscillator, with pitch control. Additional harmonics can be generated by frequency modulation. Attack simulates the "pluck" of a bass string, release, to control the length and distortion for more dirty sounds.


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    • 51 buttons; each parameter is available

    • 8 controls per channel

    • Play via trigger button or via MIDI

    • Each channel has 1x panorama and 1x volume control

    • Individual outputs on the rear panel

    • Two Master Outputs (left / right)


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