SID Desktop Synthesizer:

Mode Machines have done it again. We have taken something that everyone wants, but can’t get and made it available. The SID sound is now available to everyone. Using this Groovebox you can easily start creating that chip tune sound of the early 80s. The SID is a Groovebox, so you can start producing compositions using the internal sequencer. The unit also features MIDI in and out, so if you are a computer composer it will fit into your home set-up with ease.

The SID Desktop Synthesizer is the ultimate device to make music using a Commodore 64 SID chip.

It’s simplistic layout and ease of use delivers pleasure at the first touch and it’s familiar x0x oriented step sequencer will have you programming patterns and beats in no time. 3 expression knobs control the key features of each Patch for instant results.

But don’t let it’s simplicity fool you:
The supplied SID STUDIO SOFTWARE enables you to tweak every parameter under the hood! Draw and design modulation curves, edit your patches with instant feedback from the SID, or access the NERD-PANEL, a powerful interactive blueprint which enables you to address the chip one pin at a time – also a great educational tool.

Brief History:


If you want to learn in depth about the C64 and SID chip, there is a great resource at  the JAHTARI magazine website.

When the C64 was created in 1982 one of its many revolutionary new features was its amazing sound chip. For the first time a computer could say more than just ‘BEEP’ because in the C64 a computer for the first time had a built in synthesizer chip, something found only electronic keyboards before. And so this special chip, named SID (after Sound Interface Device), is definitely the mother of all synth chips that we can find in any PC, Laptop and MAC today which finally made it possible for us to create electronic music thew way we do it now.

Anybody who has heard a C64 and therefore a SID in action would state that the sound of it is a really special one.



  • Built around the original MOS SID chip, as heard in the Commodore 64.
  • Select betwen original SID or emulation (IC socket available for 6581 and 8580).
  • Limited Edition features Original SID Chip onboard.
  • SwinSID built in for expanding the original boundaries of the obsolette SID.
  • x0x control layout
  • Step sequencing
  • 3 expression knobs for macro controls of each patch
  • Bundled editor software (Mac, Windows & Linux)
  • NERD-PANEL, “a powerful interactive blueprint which enables you to address the chip one pin at a time – also a great educational tool.”
  • 100+ Patches.
  • Audio in, out;
  • MIDI in, out.
  • Onboard display.
  • German and English documentation.


  • 8-Bit Desktop Synthesizer and Groove Box
  • 7 knobs
  • 2 row LCD Display
  • Sequencer
  • Audio In-/Out 6,3 mm Jacks
  • MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, 5pin DIN.
  • PSU: 15V DC 500mA (included)
  • Dimensions: 27,50cm x 19,50cm x 9,00cm
  • Weight: 1kg



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