The classic shotgun microphoneSG-672 has 27 cm total length and a weight of 200 grams. The receiving unit includes a condenser capsule and offers the user a high-grade sound quality.

THE 1955

The dynamic cardioid microphone THE-1955 is also known as Rockabilly Microphone and available since 1939 in the worldwide known design.


The MT-58 is a dynamic cardioid microphone (This type of microphone is also often called the legend among the vocal microphones designated).


The EMM-1 is a desktop retro microphone. It is 16 cm high and weights only 140 grams. The housing is made of sturdy plastic. The base of the microphone is mirrored and black shaded.


The CM-1 Cameramic is 23 cm long and weighs only 190 grams. The housing is made of sturdy plastic. The receiving unit is made of black aluminum and with the product color it fits perfectly into the Mode Machines assortment.


The MT-8 is a high-end tube microphone with Lundahl Transformer and power supply. The MT-8 provides the possibility of 9 polar patterns to choose.


The ROBIN is a high-end ribbon microphone and has the typical form of a condenser microphone. Of particular note is the fine and excellent sound of the ROBIN high-end ribbon microphone.


The PS-1 Popkiller (pop filter) provides a diameter of Popfilters of 15 cm, a flexible arm (35 cm length) and adjustable pop filter. 

Air-2 W

The Air-2 W (white version) is a professional Dual Wireless UHF Multi Channel Microphone Set.  It convinces through a  Pick Up Cartridge Transducer that has a wide, linear and dynamic frequency response.


Within this set a MT-58 dynamic cardioid microphone and a K&M 254 Tripod is included.